webvideo project, 2006

Download platform with video clips and posters about aphorisms with deep impact.

Webvideo project about aphorisms with deep impact

The video project "deep-claps" is an artist's exploration project with statements about cultural shared wisdom in aphorisms. Everyone knows some — aphorisms are used almost inflationary. As a central part of our culture aphorisms are an indicator of meaning and thinking in society. There are some very deep and dark tellings, which play diffuse roles in everyday communication.

We work on short video clips about mostly German aphorisms. Their metaphors are transferred into absurd scenes. The aphorisms we choose are established and complex. We work with normal country sayings but we won’t produce mental imperialism. The intention is to get distance from traditional knowledge and experiences. Often a lack of knowledge is cultivated with sayings. They are think impetus without the possibility of satisfaction.

Aphorisms suggest a precision in thinking even though there is a paradox in between. An aphorism never seems to be a conclusion. Mostly they are resulting from a resigned phase. The trying to get enunciative thoughts remains fuzzy, often cut and dried opinions were spread. These troubles are emphasized in a real visible way.

What is in these thoughts with so called "deep" truth? We are searching for emotional ambivalences in the combination of word and image. The globalization with a simple English translation of words forces an isolation from cultural references and meanings. At this juncture there is a special rigour in our “shared wisdom”.

Our aim is to “share wisdom” with video clips about aphorisms with deep impact. The video clips are published as edition online via The edition expands continuously and with a "download and send to a friend" the deep-claps will travel around the world...


2008 DA Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, Hörstel, Installation // 2006 Perform.Media Festival Exhibition, Bloomington, Indiana, USA // OUTVIDEO’06 Festival, Moskau / Yekaterinburg, Russland // 2006 afflatus project online gallery, St. Allentown, PA, USA // 2006 one minute film & videofestival, Aarau, Schweiz // 2005 Project promotion, DA Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, Hörstel


Webdesign, programming, video production and editing:
Michelle Adolfs & Petra Müller, 2006.


Video clips with 30 seconds playtime, video edition as digital video (*.avi). Production with Sony video camera DCR-PC120E, Mini-DV, PAL. Video editing: Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 / Audition 1.5 // Website: HTML 4.01 / CSS 1.0, JavaScript enabled, optimised für IExplorer 6.0/ Mozilla 5.0 with 1024 x 768 Pixel. Plug-ins required: Mediaplayer (min. Windows Mediaplayer 9.0, Apple Quicktime 6.0), Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0.