PRESS | 17.11.03

* „DINGWELT“ exchange action started now also in English language

Since Monday, 17. November 2003 the exchange
action of the „DINGWELT“ exchange market is
run in the InterNet on also
in English language. In German, the art process
works already since 15 September 2003.
Everyone can exchange there used things
against art.

A dynamic online catalogue offers 12 exclusive
digital collages of things and their history as art
prints. Users can select a picture and send a thing for exchange by post to the given address.
In principle the art prints are exchanged for any
item offered, only a short story must be written
and sent in together with the item. The
exchanged things are published with a
photograph and their story in a portal named

The action is a work-in-progress project of the
artist team studio KUNSTKOMMT! The artists
Petra Müller and Michelle Adolfs work on media
art projects since 1996. The team will run the
„DINGWELT“ exchange market until
15 September 2004.


Our DING 7
in the image catalog:

Will he be the highlight in the exchange process?