PRESS | 18.11.03

* DINGWELT is an official Netd@ys Europe Project

Since monday, 18. November DINGWELT exchange market for things with history participate as a "labelled" project in the European Commission's Netd@ys Europe 2003 initiative.

Netd@ys Europe is an initiative of the European Commission, organised by the Directorate-general for Education and Culture. It promotes the use of new technologies, especially the Internet, in education and culture.

The initiative culminates in a showcase week, the "Netd@ys Week" when all of the Netd@ys projects participate to some extent. This year it will take place between 17 and 23 November.


The project is included on the Netd@ys 2003 website now has been awarded a Netd@ys label.