awards / grants / exhibitions / screenings / projects

awards / grants

2008 Project grant, DA Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst // 2005 DA Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, reward DEEP-CLAPS conception // 2003-04 Project grant for DINGWELT, Fonds Soziokultur NRW // 2004 11th Biennial of Visual Arts Pancevo, web award for DINGWELT // 2003 Recycling art award, project DINGWELT, exhibition at MARTa Museum Herford // 2000 Culture award of the county of Herford, concept reward / 1998 Project grant for KUNSTENTSCHEID, German educational server NRW [learn:line]; Support of the online documentation KUNSTENTSCHEID, county of Herford / 1997 Deutscher Studienpreis (German Students Award) of the Körber-Stiftung (foundation), Hamburg.

exhibitions / screenings

2010 KUNST+Leben (ART+life) | Partizipatorische Kunst zwischen Autonomie und Intervention, DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, Hörstel // 2008 Festival Pocket Films, DEEP-CLAPS, Mobile Screen (non competitive section), Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris // 2008-2009 DA, Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, BEFEHLE-PROJEKT, grant "KunstKommunikation’08" // 2007-08 Project presentations DA Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst // 2006 Perform.Media Festival, DEEP-CLAPS, Bloomington/ Indiana, USA // OUTVIDEO’06 Festival, Moscow / Yekaterinburg, Russia // one minute film & videofestival, Aarau, Schwitzerland // 2005 WB05 web biennial, DINGWELT, Instanbul Contemporary Art Museum // DA Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst, presentation of DEEP-CLAPS video project // 2004 uniartmünster GeldWert, art in public space festival, DINGWELT installation, city library and university library, Münster // 2004 11th Biennial of Visual Arts Pancevo, Values, DINGWELT, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Serbia and Montenegro // 

2003 GEGENORT, installation, Kulturwerkstatt, Paderborn // 2003 Recycling Art Award, MARTa Museum Herford // 2002 EPISOMA, German Tap Show, Freiburg / Preview EPISOMA, Kulturwerkstatt, Paderborn // 2001 CELEBRATING COLOURS, Galerie KUNSTWERK, Herford // 1998 Poster Presentation, world conference ED-MEDIA/ ED-TELECOM 98, Freiburg // 1997 GESPRÄCHE PER KNOPFDRUCK?, Galerie KUNSTWERK, Herford // 1996 GESPRÄCHE PER KNOPFDRUCK?, audio visual centre, University of Bielefeld.


2008 BEFEHLE-PROJEKT, placard art campaign: Follow order! Commands for a better life. // 2006 DEEP-CLAPS, video clip edition, webvideo project, // 2003-2004 DINGWELT, exchange market for things with history,, internet action, 12 digital collages and installation // 2003 GEGENORT, installation with video projection and painting // 2002 EPISOMA, performance / digital video // 2001-2002 IM RAUSCH DER FARBE, digital video for installation // 2001 PUSCHELRAUM, installation room with paravent elements // 2001 SOFAFARBWELT, closed circuit installation // 2001 HARDWARESCHONER, photo work with “Schonklick” painting prototypes //

1999-2002 INITIATIVE PRO-KUNST, online action with an opinion poll about art in the Internet/ NetArt // 1999-2001 AKTION SCHONKLICK, internet action, online shop with hardware screensavers, 14 painting prototypes // 1999 MATERIAL NETZBOX AKTION, internet action, interactive platform for slowly networking // 1999 IMAGINE, photo action and sound-slide-show / CULTURAL SPOTLIGHT, photo action and sound-slide-show. (commissioned work, Bertelsmann foundation, Gütersloh) // 1998-1999 KUNSTENTSCHEID FÜR JEDERMANN, interactive online project on the German educational server [learn:line] // 1998 NETZRAUM | RAUMNETZ, installation room/ action with passersby, Central Station Leipzig // 1997 RAUMNETZ, video/ networking action, Galerie KUNSTWERK, Herford // 1996 GESPRÄCHE PER KNOPFDRUCK?, interactive media installation.