PUSCHELRAUM [cuddly-room]

installation, 2001-02

Nonagon with folding screens as contemplative textile room.

floor pillows
wall object

Nonagon with folding screens as contemplative room

The "Puschelraum" embodies a coloured retreat. The constructive installation places wellness for the grey in everyday life of stressed citizens in a livingroom cocoon. 9 paravent frames build a mobile, walk-in minimal room. The sides are covered with textil hangings - outside all white and inside with different fabric in a dynamic, colourfull palette of yellow, light green, meadowlike, silky blackberry, soft red, felty orange and plastic pink. The floor is filled with a felt blanket, object cushions and pillows. On one side is a wall object out of plush integrated.

Room ca. 6 qm, Ĝ 230 cm, 2001-02
9 wooden paravent frames (80 x 240 cm)
8 textile hangings / 5 objects, blanket.