SOFAFARBWELT [sofa-colour-world]

closed circuit installation, 2001

A living room ensemble with television lets the user dive into projected colour worlds and televiews himself...

Closed circuit installation with slides projection

The room installation shows everyday life colour worlds with the tardiness of a slides projection in a digital raster. Strong black-and-white contrast pictures are replaced from coloured zoom shots from everyday life: Fruits, vegetable, drops, materials, objects... The white sofa ensemble with television invites for staying. The user fades inside the projected colour worlds. The happening is filmed by a camera attached at the TV monitor and the participants on the sofa teleview themselves.


Sofa (3-seated), round providing table, TV-table, empty framework as mural,
all white. Video camera/ standard TV, still-picture projector, 80 slides, digitally edited.


Video documentation of the installation with guests of the exhibtion 'Celebrating Colours', gallery KUNSTWERK, Herford, 2001. SVHS, 60 min.