Net art projects and
other internet work ...

Follow order! Commands for a better life. A placarding action in public space. Self printing, placarding and photographing! Work-in-progress with a photo collection and a web gallery. A edition of posters with commands free for download, photos of placards to upload:


Web video project about aphorisms with deep impact for a thought-provoking impulse. Video edition as work-in-progress, since 2006. At present there are 7 video clips free for download:


Net art project with an exchange market for things with history. Processing and exchange action: 15.09.2003 - 15.09.2004. International collection of things and documentation:


Onlineshop with hardware screensavers to rescue painting in the media world. Project with marketing actions and prototype production in 1999 - 2000. Paintings on canvas as screensavers:



[Opinion poll on art in the internet, only German] Eine qualitative Umfrageaktion zu Kunst im Internet und Internetkunst. Bearbeitung und Sammlung von 2000 bis 2002. Fragebogen und Ergebnisse:


A material action for slow networking. As work on structure and form of cross-linking threads are bind in a box which are given as weaving orders by persons exclusively over the Internet. Collection and processing of the Netzbox object in 1999 - 2006.



Interactive net art project, collaboration with German educational server [learn:-line] NRW. Generated art picture decisions over participation: Users could evaluate pictures during a suggested painting process. "Remainder pictures" were decided as works of art. Process: 15.07.1998 - 15.01.1999. Online catalogue with pictures and process: